Salisbury Reformed Seminary

Preparing and training men for the Christian Ministry

Trinitarian Bible Society

Circulating  Protestant or uncorrupted versions of the Word of God in the UK and across the world.

Protestant Alliance

Teaching the history of Biblical Protestantism.

Sussex Martyrs Commemoration Council

The 36 Sussex Martyrs of Mary’s Reign.

Metropolitan Tabernacle

A historic and large London church engaged in a variety of ministries.

Christian Institute

Furthering and promoting the Christian religion and its freedom in the United Kingdom.


Bible League Trust

Encouraging serious Bible study and defending the inspiration, inerrancy and sufficiency of  God's word.

Sovereign Grace Union

Promoting the Biblical doctrines of sovereign grace

Genesis Expo

The Genesis expo is the biggest Creation Museum in the UK.
The expo is located in the touristic heart of Portsmouth

Affirmation 2010

Calling for a stand for Biblical truth in days of decline.